Project Information


The Engineering and Construction Departments are responsible for the design, planning and construction of City-initiated public development projects, and the review and inspection of all privately installed improvements. They are also responsible for the operation and maintenance of traffic signals. 

Maintenance of the City's infrastructure at various locations within the city is performed annually. A list of projects performed on an annual basis may include the following: 
  • Concrete Repair 
  • Catch Basin Repair 
  • Street Striping 
  • Preventative Maintenance 
  • Guardrail Repair 
  • Asphalt Repair 
  • Manhole Repair 
  • Materials Testing 
  • Sewer Grouting 
  • Emergency and Miscellaneous Roadway Repair 
  • Sanitary and Storm System Repair 

In addition to annual programs, the City Engineer plans and develops projects for continued maintenance and upgrade of the City’s infrastructure. These projects tend to focus on specific issues that become apparent and can be rectified through repair or upgrade of the current system. 

 2017 Annual Concrete Repair Program

​(Konstruction King)

This year’s Concrete Repair Program includes the following locations:
  • Fawn Path will be replaced in its entirety from Deepwood Trail to and including the cul-de-sac.
  • Partridge Lane will be replaced in its entirety from Solon Road to Quartermaine Circle.
  • Quartermaine Circle will be replaced in its entirety within the Solon city limits.
  • Westminister Drive will be replaced in its entirety including a large portion of the Stratford Drive intersection.
  • Two large sections of Deer Run will be replaced; Deepwood Trail to Hunters Ridge & Hunters Ridge to Fox Run.
  • Ledge Hill Drive will be replaced from the bend at 32700 through the west intersection at Rockford Drive to 32840 near Stony Brook Lane.
  • Fox Run will be replaced from Liberty Road to South Oval except the piece already replaced at Hunters Ridge.
Other work being performed on our Concrete Repair Program includes:
  • Repairs of the pool deck on the west side of the Arthur Road Pool.
  • Sidewalk Program which consists of replacing walks as needed on the streets listed above as well as requested by residents throughout the city.
  • A large area of concrete pavement will be replaced on Naiman Parkway.
Work is scheduled to begin at Arthur road pool Monday, May 15th and proceed to:
  • Arthur Road Pool
  • Kingswood Drive, remove and replace sidewalks as needed.
  • South Roundhead Drive from Tallyho Drive to Lynton Lane, remove and replace sidewalks as marked.  
Please use the 2017 Annual Concrete Repair Program brochure for more helpful information.

Miles Road Sanitary Sewer Replacement

(Trax Construction)

The project will replace the sanitary sewer main in the lawn strip on the south side of Miles Road from Harper Road to approximately Boulder Creek.

Although the majority of the sanitary sewer will be replaced by typical trenching methods (3282 linear feet), the sewer segments between Crofton and Stansbury (1373 linear feet) will be replaced by pipe bursting.  Pipe Bursting is a “trenchless” process by which a pipe bursting head is pulled by a cable or pushed by rods through the existing sewer pipe pulling the replacement pipe behind it.  The replacement pipe is made of high density polyethylene, delivered in 40 foot lengths and is fused together in to a single piece by heat using an iron.  Although the process is “trenchless” it is still necessary to dig a trench at each house lateral connection to disconnect them before pipe bursting and reconnect them afterward.

Some advantages of using the “trenchless” pipe bursting method include:
  • eliminates the need to bypass creeks and streams 
  • eliminates the hazard of trenching past ponds and retention basins 
  • there are less pipe joints for possible groundwater infiltration into our sanitary sewer system
  • eliminates the need to move or support obstacles such as fire hydrants and utility poles
  • reduces the need to de-water trenches in high ground water areas
Trax Construction mobilized to the site and began work on May 10th.  Although many of the initial activities are project wide, sewer installation will begin near Boulder Creek and proceed from east to west.

Please use the Miles Road Sanitary Sewer Replacement brochure for more helpful information.