Project Information


The Engineering and Construction Departments are responsible for the design, planning and construction of City-initiated public development projects, and the review and inspection of all privately installed improvements. They are also responsible for the operation and maintenance of traffic signals. 

Maintenance of the City's infrastructure at various locations within the city is performed annually. A list of projects performed on an annual basis may include the following: 
  • Concrete Repair 
  • Catch Basin Repair 
  • Street Striping 
  • Preventative Maintenance 
  • Guardrail Repair 
  • Asphalt Repair 
  • Manhole Repair 
  • Materials Testing 
  • Sewer Grouting 
  • Emergency and Miscellaneous Roadway Repair 
  • Sanitary and Storm System Repair 

In addition to annual programs, the City Engineer plans and develops projects for continued maintenance and upgrade of the City’s infrastructure. These projects tend to focus on specific issues that become apparent and can be rectified through repair or upgrade of the current system. 

SOM Center Resurfacing Project 

(Chagrin Valley Paving) 

  • Although most of the work in this area is scheduled to be performed at night, the process of removing, preparing, installing and curing concrete road base requires that lanes be closed 24 hours a day.
  • Work has started to resurface the asphalt pavement on SOM Center Road from Miles Road to just south of the SR 422 ramps. The work will be performed in 3 phases. See the Construction Department brochure for location of the various phases.

    Phase 1 – from Miles Rd to Allenbury – The existing pavement surface has been milled off, the asphalt base has been repaired and the pavement has been leveled with new asphalt. The contractor is presently adjusting manhole and water valve box castings, replacing various pieces of curb, replacing curb ramps and replacing the asphalt sidewalk with new 6 foot wide concrete sidewalk. 

    Phase 2 – from Allenbury to Maple – Milling of the existing asphalt surface will begin as early as next week. 

    Phase 3 – between the SR-422 ramps – The existing pavement surface has been milled off, the concrete base has been repaired and the pavement has been leveled with new asphalt. The contractor has begun work to replace the concrete medians. The area previously closed by delineators south of the eastbound exit ramp will be removed and replaced with a lawnstrip. 

  • Other work will include repairing concrete curbs, sidewalks, and handicap ramps and the elimination of the small section of pavement currently closed by delineators.
  • The work is expected to be complete by the end of November.
  • Detailed information is defined In the Construction Department brochure

Cochran Road Reconstruction

(Tri Mor Corporation) 

  • The contractor has completed paving of the northbound lanes on the east side and is presently completing the intersections, driveways and catch basin box outs in the southbound lanes on the west side of Cochran Road between Carter and Ambina. Sidewalk and and lawn restoration work remain as well as the installation of a conduit for a future internet fiber connection to the Water Reclamation Facility.
    Work is expected to be completed by November 30th. 

2016 Annual Sanitary and Storm System Repair   

(Nerone & Sons)   

  • No update.