Brush Pickup

Map of city areas recently completed
. Streets done are highlighted in color.  Brush pickup is a year round process and is independent of Fall Leaf collection when in season.

In order to guarantee the safety and efficiency of our staff we ask residents to make sure their brush, tree trimmings, and other related debris disposal is done by following these guidelines:

  • Brush should be stacked in a pile as neatly as possible with cut ends facing the road. Piles should not be over 4’ high. Small amounts of brush must be bundled & tied with twine for easy collection.
  • Branches and limbs should not exceed 8’ in length and limbs should not be larger than 4” in diameter. If limbs or branches exceed 4” in diameter they must be cut into sections no larger than 3’ in length.
  • We ask that the quantity of debris to be collected not require 2 of our staff members more than 15 minutes to collect. Any debris pile which exceeds 15 minutes to collect may be left to be picked up on your street’s next brush rotation.
  • Loose materials such as leaves, sticks and other raked materials should be placed in brown paper leaf/grass bags and should never be mixed with brush piles.

Lawn or yard waste will not be collected in plastic bags.

  • Brush or lawn bags larger than 1 man can handle, or exceeding 50 lbs. will not be collected.
  • Any brush with thorns must be separated from regular brush.
  • Metals objects such as fencing, pipes and/ or re-bar should not be mixed with brush pile. This could cause serious injury to our employees.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!
If you have any questions feel free to Email Mark Hawley,
Solid Waste Manager at the Service Department Ph: (440) 248-5834.