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 Solon seeks grant to cover   cost of two EV stations

SOLON, Ohio -- The city is seeking a grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency for financial assistance to install two electric vehicle charging stations on the Solon Community Park property.

At a special meeting Thursday (Jan. 27), City Council authorized city officials to file a grant application with the Ohio EPA for a Diesel Mitigation Trust Fund grant.

William Drsek, the city’s public works commissioner, said one charging station would be located in the auxiliary lot on Portz Parkway -- in the area of the tennis, basketball and pickleball courts -- and the other would be in the parking lot near the log cabin off of SOM Center Road.

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Solon Takes Steps Towards a Clean Energy Future, Becomes 24th Community to Join Power A Clean Future Ohio

(COLUMBUS, OH)— At Monday’s Solon City Council meeting, the council unanimously adopted a resolution to join Power a Clean Future Ohio (PCFO) to find ways to engage in sustainability initiatives and clean energy programs for the community. PCFO is a nonpartisan coalition and campaign that is dedicated to working with local communities to develop equitable clean energy solutions to benefit the well-being of residents, the environment, and the economy.

PCFO will work with local leaders to help them find ways to implement programs that are best for the Solon community.

Mayor Edward Kraus said, “In Solon, we know what it takes to make smart investments and find good partners so when we met with Power A Clean Future Ohio we knew their knowledge and growing network would be a great benefit to the city’s plans for the future. We also know that in the emerging and growing clean energy economy the opportunities that are out there have the potential to provide deep benefits to both Solon residents and the environment. We all win when we put our community priorities into action and I am looking forward to planning and implementing smart clean energy policy with PCFO’s support.”

Joe Flarida, Executive Director of Power a Clean Future Ohio said, “We look forward to serving as a resource to city leaders to guide them as they consider cost-saving investments in clean energy that will result in carbon emission reductions and local economic benefits. Solon is a community that knows how to approach this work in the community and see to it that its residents are not only educated on these opportunities, but have the chance to add their voice to what comes next for the city. Thank you to Mayor Kraus and the City Council for their leadership in launching this exciting partnership.”

In 2020, 103,400 people were employed in clean energy jobs throughout the state, and Ohio auto manufacturers are planning major investments to build more electric vehicles in Ohio in the coming years. In addition, 39 companies that are either headquartered in Ohio or are among the state’s 100 largest employers have dedicated plans to be powered by 100% renewable energy by a specific date.

Cities like Solon are joining with these employers in making a commitment to spur the economic growth and development that results from embracing clean technologies and advanced transportation. The jobs of the future are in clean energy and clean transportation.

Utilizing clean energy sources also improves air quality, a significant issue for the state. Ohio ranks 46th in the nation in asthma rates for children ages 0-17. Poor air quality is a major contributor to asthma rates, particularly in disproportionately impacted communities, which is the leading reason for hospital ER visits in this age group. Developing innovative solutions to harmful air pollution will also serve to protect the health of all Solon residents