Fire Prevention - The First Line of Defense

Attempts at reducing the fire losses are carried out through codes, ordinances, and inspections of properties for hazards. Yet these efforts have not produced a solution to the problem. The reality is that, in most cases, buildings and material goods do not start fires - people do. The basis of a good prevention program therefore is the attitude and concern of individuals toward fire. The lives and property of everyone in a community can be threatened by fire, hence everyone should (and can) play a role in fire prevention - the head of a household who decides to buy (or not to buy) a smoke detector; the child who has learned (or not learned) what steps to take if their clothes catch fire; the restaurant patron who makes a point of checking exit locations in a crowded establishment before enjoying a meal (or who remains oblivious to the basic precautions in places of assembly). Such actions or lack of them can be construed as part of fire prevention management (or mismanagement) in the broadest sense.

The Solon Fire Department's fire prevention bureau is responsible for the key elements of comprehensive prevention program: public fire and life safety education, enforcement and development of codes and ordinances, pre-construction plans review and issuance of permits, monitoring the testing of fire protection and suppression systems, and fire and life safety inspections. The Solon fire prevention effort couples code enforcement with quality public fire and life safety education programs to prevent loss of life and property from fire. Programs and activities are provided that constantly remind the public to avoid careless activities and teach the proper methods for individual response to fire. They help to develop concerns, and can be very effective in creating awareness and widespread support.

In the city of Solon, fire prevention and life safety are the responsibility of every member of the fire department, with all efforts coordinated by the Fire Prevention Bureau. Inspector Joe Eisenhuth is assisted by station duty personnel in accomplishing the fire and life safety inspections of properties throughout the city.

To provide a comprehensive prevention program that protects the lives and property of citizens and businesses is a formidable challenge for today’s fire service. The fire service is often the first responder to emergencies caused not only by fire and medical emergencies but also other environmental hazards - floods, building collapses, storms, hazardous materials incidents, and so on. Consequently, a department’s prevention efforts need to focus not only on fires and emergency medical incidents but also on this expanded range of concerns. The Solon Fire Department prevention efforts reflect the expanded range of concerns. It encompasses fire prevention and a variety of fire and life safety issues.

In addition to the previously mentioned responsibilities, the Solon Fire Department also offers the following fire and life safety programs:
  • Fire Extinguisher Classes
  • CPR Classes
  • First Aid for Babysitter Classes
  • Emergency Planning Assistance
  • Juvenile Firesetter Education
  • Child Seat Inspections
All fire and life safety programs offered through the Solon Fire Department are offered at no cost or a nominal fee, depending on the program.