Course Rules

2016 Rules and Regulations Governing Play at Grantwood Golf Course
Reservations: Single tee times may be reserved up to 6 month in advance. City of Solon residents, leagues or other organizations may reserve time up to 1 year in advance (some restrictions apply). Groups of 24 players or more may be eligible for outing status. Please consult our website under “Outing Information” for complete details. We reserve the right to change or cancel individual times if a large party has requested use of the course. We will notify you a minimum of 60 days in advance of any such change. Reservations for twosomes and threesomes will be accepted; however the course reserves the right to book the existing open spots to make foursomes. Single players may call 24 hours in advance to book a tee time to be paired with an available group. Walk-on play is accepted, but all players with advanced reservations take precedence on the tee. Walk-on play will be accommodated only when an open reservation exists.

Cancellation: It is your responsibility to call the pro shop a minimum of 24 hours in advance to cancel or adjust the number of players in your group. If you have reserved for a twosome or threesome, adding players at a later time will be subject to availability. Your attendance is monitored. No shows or failure to fill your reserved spots may require you to use a credit card for reservation or may jeopardize your opportunity for future reservations.

Payment: Grantwood accepts cash, check (I.D. required) MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover or bank debit cards for payment. The beverage cart accepts cash only unless otherwise prearranged. Discounted rates are available for City of Solon residents. Please be prepared to show proper identification.

Pace of Play: All players without exception for age or skill level are expected to complete an 18-hole round in no more than 4.5 hours. This includes the time it should take to play as well as a brief stop in the clubhouse at the turn. Groups failing to maintain proper pace and position on the course will be issued a warning from the on-course player assistants. If pace and position are not improved, players will be asked to pick up their ball, move into correct position, or be removed from the course. Five-somes are permitted but if they cannot maintain proper pace, they may be split up without notice at our discretion. If scheduled off the back 9, your group will be given a corresponding turn time on the front side, 2 hours and 20 minutes from your original start time. It is crucial that you make the turn in time to make your scheduled time on the #1 tee. However, if you turn earlier, please be patient as you will likely not tee off until your scheduled turn time.

Rain Check Policy - You are entitled to a rain check for any portion of a round that is interrupted by dangerous weather condition or the course has become unplayable. If you have teed off on any particular hole, that hole is considered played for the purpose of determining your rain check value. You must present your original receipt to the pro shop staff at the time your round has been suspended. The rain check value will be determined by a prorated percentage of your original fees based upon the number of holes you have played. Original greens fee receipts brought back at a later date will not be honored as a rain check. Rain checks may not be redeemed for cash and are not refundable. Rain checks cannot be replaced if lost. To redeem your rain check, present it to the pro shop staff the next time you play golf and the value of the rain check will be deducted from the fees you incur that day.

Pursuant to Ohio By-Law 4301-62, alcoholic beverages consumed on property must be purchased from Grantwood G.C. Personal coolers and/or alcoholic beverages purchased other than from Grantwood G.C. are not permitted on the course. Violators will be asked to leave the premises without refund. Management at its discretion reserves the right to refuse the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Dress Code - Proper attire must be worn at all times on the golf course, driving range and practice areas (clothing representing the traditions of the game are recommended). Tank tops/sleeveless shirts and swimming trunks are not permitted. Any clothing in disrepair including, but not limited to shirts, shorts and slacks are not considered acceptable attire. Any clothing with inappropriate or offensive language or graphics is considered non-conforming. Appropriate athletic footwear is required.

Spectators: Non-playing spectators are permitted on the course; please consult golf shop for current walk or ride-along fees.

Children: Children ages 4-10 must be accompanied by an adult while on the course, at the driving range or on the practice green. Children under the age of 4 are permitted on the practices areas with adult supervision but are not permitted on the course before 7 p.m. Weekend mornings and other high volume times may not be an appropriate situation for golfers with little or no experience. Please use discretion and/or call the golf shop for details and information on days and times best suited for entry level golfers.

Responsibility: Grantwood Golf Course will not be responsible for valuables of any sort left either in club house, golf carts, parking area or on the golf course. Articles found and turned into the golf shop will be held for 30 days.

Golf Carts: Golf cart usage must follow course rules in effect for that day to ensure protection of the golf course and the safety of the passengers. No 1 under the age of 16 will be permitted to operate a cart at any time while on the premises. Those of questionable age may be requested to show their driver’s license. For your safety, carts are not permitted in the parking lot. Only 2 riders and 2 sets of clubs allowed per cart. Both cart riders may be held responsible for any abnormal damage to the cart and/or course.

Food, Beverage & Shelter: The banquet hall, pavilion, patio or atrium is available for rent for private parties. Please call in advance to make reservations. Food & beverage orders need to be placed a minimum of 14 days in advance. Orders placed less than 7 days in advance of your scheduled date cannot be guaranteed. Please contact Food & Beverage Coordinator Leslie Sobey for details.
Outing Status: Groups of 24 or more players may be considered for “Outing Status”. Please contact the golf staff for details.

Driving Range: Hit balls from designated or assigned areas only. Due to routine maintenance or weather conditions, the grass tees may be closed at times. Please observe all safety related rules posted specifically at the range facility. Clubs are available at no charge for customers to use on the range. Premium clubs are also available for a $5 fee. A driver's license and credit card are required for all adult and junior club rentals.
Rental Clubs: All players must have their own bag and clubs to play with on the course. Rental clubs are available for a fee and must be registered for in the golf shop. A driver’s license and credit card must be kept on file until the clubs are returned. Players are responsible for any abnormal damage. 
Demo Clubs:
Demonstrator clubs (both woods and irons) are available from a number of manufacturers for customers to try on the course or at the driving range. Clubs must be signed for and registered in the golf shop. Driver’s license and credit card must be kept on file until the clubs are returned. Demo clubs may be taken off-site only with the permission of the golf professional on duty.

Outside Instructor Policy:

Only a recognized golf instructor may conduct private lessons provided an agreement in writing and signed upon approval from a golf shop manager and director. Instructor must adhere to all golf course policies and practices. Instructor will pay a $10 per lesson fee and also pay for driving range balls used. The lesson fee will be charged at the end of the week or after the last lesson given for that week. (Sunday)This includes the cost of a cart. On course playing lessons are allowed but a tee time must be made. A playing lesson fee of $12 will be charged. This includes the use of a cart. A monthly calendar of Grantwood events will be e-mailed out the last week of the current month. Instructor will be reminded a minimum of one week in advance of designated times he/she cannot use any or all of the facilities at Grantwood for teaching purposes. Instructor will be informed up to 24 hours in advance which range he/she can use for the following day. Grantwood staff will be informed of approved outside instructors the day of lessons.