Range - Practice Facility

Open Year-Round

The Grantwood driving range is open every day for your convenience and enjoyment. Our range building features 15 covered, heated stations for a comfortable year-round practice environment, come rain, sleet, or snow.
The driving range hours are:

  • January - February: 8 am - 5 pm (No Lights) 
  • March: 8 am - 7 pm
  • April: 8 am - 8 pm
  • May - August: 7 am - 9:30 pm
  • September - October: 8 am - 9 pm
  • November - December: Daylight Hours (No Lights)
Routine Maintenance
At times throughout the season the range will be closed for routine maintenance and mowing of the tees and range area. Tuesday morning is our regularly scheduled day for maintenance and the range will be closed until 10 am, but this occasionally changes due to weather or previously scheduled range activity.

The grass teeing areas will be open from mid-April through mid-October, weather permitting. The grass tees will be closed at times throughout the year due to weather conditions or maintenance concerns. Also, the grass tees on the range maybe closed daily from 1:30pm to 2pm as hot weather dictates during summer hours for irrigation purposes due to stress from hot temperatures. Hitting from grass areas that are not open may be grounds for removal without refund

Driving Range Pricing

Bucket Sizes Golf Balls per Bucket Prices
Warm Up 20 Golf Balls $4.00
Small 40 Golf Balls $6.00
Medium 60 Golf Balls $8.00
Large 80 Golf Balls $10.00

Please go directly to the range building for access to range balls during late hours when the golf shop is closed. The token dispenser accepts cash only and does not provide change, however please use our new credit card swipe to purchase small, medium, or large baskets.

◦Each token will dispense approximately 15 balls
​ ◦Five $1 dollar bills or 1 $5 dollar bill will get 1 token
​ ◦One $10 dollar bill will get 3 tokens
​ ◦One $20 dollar bill will receive 6 tokens

​ ◦Please note: Two $5 bills will only receive 2 tokens Discount for Frequent Users Frequent users may purchase an "Range Card" and get up to 20% off on all range ball purchases. Inquire with the golf staff for more information. Please see signage posted in the range building for a complete list of rules and regulations covering the usage of the driving range.