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Please go directly to the range building for access to range balls during late hours when the golf shop is closed. The token dispenser accepts cash only and does not provide change, however please use our new credit card swipe to purchase small, medium, or large baskets.
  • Each token will dispense approximately 15 balls
  • Five $1 dollar bills or 1 $5 dollar bill will get 1 token
  • One $10 dollar bill will get 3 tokens
  • One $20 dollar bill will receive 6 tokens
  • Please note: Two $5 bills will only receive 2 tokens
Discount for Frequent Users
Frequent users may purchase an "Range Card" and get up to 20% off on all range ball purchases. Inquire with the golf staff for more information. Please see signage posted in the range building for a complete list of rules and regulations covering the usage of the driving range.