About SCA

Our Mission Statement

Solon Center for the Arts strives to be recognized as an effective and unique teaching and learning resource in the Solon Community. The Center will be a leader in cultural enrichment and artistic quality, characterized by continuous improvement, innovation and community responsiveness. Through its programming, the Center will provide opportunities and reinforce the appreciation of the arts, with the intent of maximizing the potential and enjoyment for all individuals. 

A Brief History

Old City Hall to Solon Center for the Arts

Old City Hall, built in 1899, is one of the oldest public buildings in Solon. Styled in Georgian architecture, it served over the years as a school, library, and police and fire stations. In addition to its main role as the center of Solon’s government, this building also provided a center for church services, community dances, town hall meetings, graduations, and theater productions. With the opening of the new Solon City Hall on Bainbridge Road in 1995, the doors of the old City Hall closed...but not for long.

A New Beginning

Through research, interviews, and public response, it was determined that an arts center would fulfill a need within the community. On June 11, 1997, the old City Hall Committee voted unanimously to preserve the building and create a multi-faceted community arts center.

On June 17, 2002, Solon Center for the Arts opened its doors for classes. The building was appropriately named Drake Hall in honor of Senator Grace Drake for her leadership and commitment to SCA’s renovation and creation.
Solon Center for the Arts Main Building
Solon Center for the Arts Main Building