Will be collected curbside on your scheduled collection day.  Recycling carts must be out no earlier than 7:00pm the evening before and no later than 7:00am on collection day.
Items need to be loose - DO NOT bag recyclables. 

Simple Recycling services have been suspended until further notice.

Following are acceptable items for recycling that will be picked up on your scheduled day: 

    Cardboard- all packing materials removed and boxes completely flatten.

     Food grade aluminum and steel cans- emptied and rinsed
     Food grade cartons- emptied, rinsed and caps on.
     Glass bottles- emptied and rinsed.
     Paper, Boxes,  and flatten cardboard.
     Plastic bottles and jugs emptied, rinsed, and caps on.

Items that can’t be recycled

     Broken ceramic
     Clothing - Please contact Simple Recycling at (866) 835 - 5068
     Cups, lids, and utensils
     Drinking Glasses
     Hoses and ropes
     Light strings
     Paper bags
     Plastic produce containers
     Plastic toys
     Scrap Metal
     Styrofoam and take out containers

Shredded paper can be disposed of at the following locations: 
     River Valley Paper Bins

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

     Solon residents may bring these items to the Service Department               
      Monday through Friday
        Morning's:    8:00am - 11:00am
        Afternoon's: 12:00pm - 3:00pm 
Computers and printers
     Fluorescent bulbs      
     Oil based and acrylic paints - "No latex paint accepted"
     Old fuel and chemicals
     Old motor or food oil