Automated Rubbish Collection…A Clean and Convenient Service for Solon!


Residential rubbish is collected at curbside Tuesday through Friday according to an established route schedule. Set out before 7:00 AM on the days set for rubbish collection, but not before 7:00 PM on the day prior to rubbish collection.
(With exception of holidays)


Containers shall be placed at least 3 feet from cars, mailboxes, utility poles or any other obstruction. Be sure the arrows on the lid of the cart are pointing towards the street and the cart is placed as close to the curb as possible so the truck can easily grab the cart for collection.


Upon emptying of the containers, the owners or renters of the property shall remove them from the street line and return them to their place of storage. Containers which are left at the street line for a period in excess of 3 days after collection my be confiscated after proper notice by the Service Director and a new container will need to be purchased.

Container Type:

Containers are owned and issued by the City of Solon. All container have serial numbers that are recorded with the Service Department. They should be left with the home in the event that the resident decides to move to a new location. A second 95 gallon automated cart can be rented from the Solon Service Department for $70. There is a maximum of 2 - 95 gallon carts per household.

Please...No loose trash in you containers!

All rubbish must be bagged and placed in the automated collection cart. Without the trash being properly bagged and contained there is the potential of littering. If not contained, plastic packaging popcorn is our biggest litter problem.