Construction Debris Disposal

The Solon Service Department will collect approximately 2 cubic feet of construction debris that is generated by the home owner.
This is the amount that will fill a standard wheelbarrow.

These items include:

Small amounts of Drywall
Dimensional Lumber
Plumbing Fixtures
Wood Doors
Small amounts of Roofing Materials

Lumber is required to be cut into 4 foot pieces and must be bundled.
These bundles must not weight more than 50 Lbs or they will not be
collected by the solid waste crews.

All loose debris must be contained
and is subject to the 50 Lb weight limit.

All nails must be removed or
bent over to prevent injuries to our staff. The City of Solon’s permit
application clearly states that disposal of all debris generated
from a permitted project is the responsibility of the contractor/
homeowner. We suggest the contractor/ homeowner contact a
waste removal service and obtain a dumpster.

We recommend dropping construction debris at the Service Department.  
Open Monday - Friday : 8 AM - 11 AM and 12 PM - 3 PM (Yard closed daily 11 AM - 12 PM)