Snow and Ice Removal Guidelines

Every winter the Service Department maintains over 400 lane miles of city streets. The City has quite a few pieces of snow removal equipment used during the winter months. In order to better serve our city, the Service Department divides the streets into 3 different levels of priority. Beginning with our first priority, they are as follows:

State and Secondary Routes:

SOM Center Road and Aurora Road are State Routes running through our city. Secondary routes include roads such as Pettibone, Cannon, Liberty, Harper, Solon, Bainbridge and Cochran Roads. All of the listed roads provide routes in and out of Solon. Police & Fire Department along with School zones are also prioritized.

Industrial and Residential Streets with Hills:

Industrial Roads include streets such as Carter Street, Station Street and Enterprise Parkway. Residential streets with hills include Elm Hill, Ledge Hill Drive and White Oak Drive.

Residential Streets:

This would include any other city street that does not get plowed in either of the first 2 priority levels.

Our snow fighting strategy can be altered at any time due to several different factors. These factors include but are not limited to the time of day, amount of snow falling, expected duration of snowfall, wind conditions and temperature and pavement temperature. The Service Department is committed to keeping our roads as safe as possible and we will work hard to make sure our roads are clean but winter weather can be unpredictable. Your cooperation can help the City of Solon every time it snows by remembering some simple rules when a snow event occurs:
  • When snow accumulates more than 2”, a citywide snow emergency parking ban will be implemented. City Police will issue tickets and/or tow vehicles parked on city streets, so as to allow the plow trucks to clean the snow from the roads. Please help us to get the job done! Keep vehicles off the street and maintain a safe distance from the plow trucks (AT LEAST 50 FEET) accidents and interference delay operations
  • When clearing a driveway, snow should never be pushed into or across the street. This also means that if you have a contractor clean your driveway the contractor should not deposit snow in/or across the street either. Remember, it is nearly impossible for the plow truck drivers to avoid pushing snow back into the driveway apron. Take care where you deposit your snow if you do not want this to occur.
    Our plow operators are qualified individuals who maintain the streets safely and efficiently. There are 2 important safety considerations that every resident can follow in order to help our your
    Service Department:
1) Please, watch your children! We all know how fun new snow can be to play in and our drivers are always looking out for children playing but sometimes they are not visible behind snow piles or while playing in the cul-de-sacs.

2) Help the plow truck driver by giving him extra room between his truck and your vehicle. Give extra consideration to what he is trying to accomplish in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

We thank you very much for taking the time to read the above information and wish everyone a great winter season and happy, safe motoring!

For more information on snow and ice removal, please feel free to
contact Ron Hradesky, Streets Manager or the Service Department at (440) 248-5834 ext. 1951.