Delta Institute

Improving Environmental Quality & Economic Development
The Delta Institute is a laboratory for new ideas to improve environmental quality and promote community and economic development. As a nonprofit organization, the Delta Institute works primarily on projects in the Great Lakes region, where recovery from more than a century of industrialization and its consequences presents special challenges. In collaboration with community partners, environmental organizations, government and business, the Delta Institute explores new approaches to the policy and practice of environmental stewardship and sustainable development.

The Delta Institute and Mercury Reduction
In an effort to reduce mercury and move toward virtual elimination from sources in 2 watersheds located within the Lake Erie basin, the Delta Institute is providing assistance to 2 sewage treatment plants to develop and implement mercury reduction plans. This effort is funded through the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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To learn more, contact the Solon Water Reclamation Department at (440) 248-4895 or visit the Delta Institute online.