Non Residential Submittal Requirements for applications to the City of Solon Planning Commission and City Council

All of the following items are required unless otherwise determined by staff.
For a complete description, see 
Zoning Code Section 1291.02


1 copy of the Application to the Solon Planning Commission/City Council

14 packets are required that contain 1 (1) each of the following documents. Any over-sized plans must be folded.

Cover letter:

A cover letter addressed to the Director of Planning describing the nature and scope of the project. If variances are required, include justifications as to why the variance(s) should be approved and include a variance filing fee of $50 (cash or check payable to the City of Solon)

Site Plan:

  • drawn to scale with north arrow and/or property line dimensions
  • exact location of proposed and existing structures; setback distances must be indicated as measured from the closest point of the structure to all lot lines
  • dimensions of all proposed and existing structures (length, width)
  • parking facilities: parking spaces and aisles, cross access & street access drives
  • summary table indicating total site acreage, total building coverage, total green space, total provided parking, % of building used for manufacturing, warehouse, office, commercial/retail
  • stamp of certified architect, surveyor/engineer, or landscape architect
  • lighting plan with photometrics and spec sheet of the light fixture
  • site topography
  • dumpster location and enclosure details (materials, color, landscape screening)
  • free standing sign locations, if applicable (separate application required)
  • roof mounted and/or above ground mechanical equipment & proposed method of screening
  • loading and service areas
  • pedestrian circulation provisions
  • utility service lines

Elevation Plan:

  • Architectural elevations showing proposed materials & colors for all elevations
  • Color renderings of each building elevation
  • Floor plan(s)

Landscape Plan:

  • Drawn to scale indicating the location & specific design of all landscape provisions (including landscape buffers where required)
  • Number and specific species of plant types (scientific and common names)
  • Size/height of plant at planting & maturity ? Cross section (if applicable)
  • Street View Elevation (provide if front yard parking is proposed)

Traffic Impact Analysis:

If the project generates more than 100 trips (in and out) in the peak hour according to the relevant model in the most current edition of the Institute of Traffic Engineers Trip Generation Manual, a detailed analysis shall be provided for the City to review the likely impact the proposal will have on the existing roadway system. The analysis shall identify methods for mitigating any potential negative impacts.

Detention/Sedimentation Plan:

- 1 copy only
One (1) copy must be submitted to indicate how storm water run-off & other drainage concerns will be managed including detention calculations.

Site Plan Review Fee:

-Cash or check (no credit cards)
(For new buildings and additions; payable at the time of submittal)
Up to 20,000 square feet: $300
Over 20,000 square feet: $400

Please be aware that if your application is tabled at any meeting, the review time will be extended as needed.

If City Council approves your project, you may then apply for the required permit by submitting an application and construction plans to the appropriate city department.

Additional Contacts

Engineering Department 440-349-6745 Phone 440-349-6354 Fax
John J. Busch, PE, City Engineer

Building Department 440-349-6737 Phone 440-349-6322 Fax
Chief Building Official

Fire Department 440-337-1482 Phone 440-337-1486 Fax
Fire Prevention

Clerk of Council 440-349-6740 Phone 440-349-6319 Fax
Carol J. McConoughey, Clerk of Council

Planning Commission

E. Macke Bentley, Chair
Edward H. Kraus, Mayor 
Robert N. Pelunis, Ward 3
Roger C. Newberry
E. Macke Bentley, IV

City Council

Edward H. Kraus, Mayor
Douglas A. Magill, Ward 1
Robert N. Pelunis, Ward 2
Jeremy A. Zelwin, Ward 3
Marc R. Kotora, Ward 4
Nancy E. Meany, Ward 5
Robert P. Shimits, Ward 6
William I. Russo, Ward 7