Controling Mosquitoes

The pesticides used by the City of Solon for controlling mosquito are licensed and evaluated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure that they can be used safely. To evaluate any pesticide, the EPA assesses a wide variety of tests to determine whether a pesticide has the potential to cause adverse effects on humans, wildlife, fish and plants, including endangered species and non-target organisms.

The Service Department has 7 employees that are licensed and trained in the following areas:

Fogging - Catch Basin Larviciding - Wet Land Adulticiding - Woodland Pond Adulticiding
More info Contact   Ron Hradesky - Streets Manager - Service Department - (440) 248-5834 ext. 1951

 Fogging Dates

These employees make decisions to use pesticides based on an evaluation of the risks to the general public from diseases transmitted by mosquitoes or on an evaluation of the nuisance level that can be tolerated from a mosquito infestation. Based on surveillance and monitoring, mosquito control officials select specific pesticides and other control measures that best suit local conditions in order to achieve effective control of mosquitoes with the least impact on human health and the environment. It is especially important to conduct effective mosquito prevention programs by eliminating breeding habitats or applying pesticides to control the early life stages of the mosquito. Prevention programs, such as elimination of any standing water that could serve as a breeding site.

Please help reduce the adult mosquito population and the need to apply other pesticides for adult mosquito control by following these mosquito control methods.