Emergency Alerts

How to Access Emergency Alert Information
Click on the "Emergency Alert" icon below and read about the Emergency and/or Road Closure situations in the City.

Current Emergency Alerts
Emergency Alert Icon
Flashing RED or Solid Red Emergency Alert Light

When the "Emergency Alert" light is flashing red, or is a solid red, an emergency condition/road closure exists in the City.
Emergency Alerts / Road Closure E-Notifications
This is just 1 more way the City will use to keep you informed.

Did you know that in emergencies, the Solon Community Center can be activated as an emergency shelter for Solon residents?

If a storm causes power outages for extended periods of time, keep this in mind. If you are a Solon resident in need shelter, you can call the Community Center at 440-248-5747 to see if this has occurred, or the Solon Emergency Dispatch Center at 440-248-1234 if you have other critical needs during this weather emergency.

And remember, when snow accumulates more than 2" a City-wide parking ban will be enforced on City streets.