Permit Applications

Building Department Permits

Permits are required for all building construction, including accessory structures such as: decks, pools, sheds, porches, enclosures, roofing, siding, etc. Permits are available on this site or may be obtained at the City's Building Department.

Residential Permits for roofing, siding, fence, landscape, garage sale forms and other building activities must be filled out and submitted to the Building Department. Garage sale permits may also be obtained online.

Commercial Permits are required for non-residential projects such as new structures, structural alterations, exterior and/or interior remodeling, and mechanical changes. Certificate of Occupancy Application and procedures (Revised Feb. 2012).

Residential Rental Occupancy Permit Ordinance
As per the passage of Resolution No. 2011-111 all owner/s of residential rental property will need to make application for permit beginning in January 2012. More details to follow.