Closed Circuit Television Inspections of Sewers

Drain infiltration
Mineral deposits in drain
Mineral Deposits
Tree roots in drain
Tree Roots

CCTV Camera Inspections

The City of Solon is constantly working to keep the sewer lines throughout the City clean and flowing. The City has an closed circuit television (CCTV) truck which are equipped with cameras mounted on a robot crawler which relays live footage from within the sewer to a monitor in the truck via CCTV. The crawler can be placed down a manhole and remotely driven from within the truck down the sewer to the next manhole. The operators can examine the entire length of sewer line between 2 manholes. These cameras have pan and tilt capabilities which allow the operator to move the camera in all directions to obtain a thorough picture of the entire sewer line. This also allows for service connections to be located and documented. A footage counter is connected to the camera, enabling the operator to note the exact location of any service connections or problems. The camera also transmits video back to the CCTV truck that can be recorded for future use. The main purpose of these inspections is to determine the condition of the pipe and if any blockages are present that may require cleaning, replacement or a repair maybe necessary. The inspections also help the city detect if there are any cross connections between sewers and help maintain compliance with state and federal regulations. The City of Solon has over 160 miles of sewers which are continually inspected for cracks, collapses, blockages, cross connections and defects with the use of these cameras through our Preventative Maintenance Program.

Robotic Camera
This robotic camera rolls through sewers throughout the City of Solon. The City maintains over 160 miles of sewer and if laid end to end would stretch from Cleveland to Columbus.
Robotic camera on wheels
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