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Solon Police Department Compliments and Complaints Form

  1. Solon Police Department Compliments and Complaints
    Please complete the below information to submit a compliment to the Solon Police Department about a positive experience you had with our officers or other employees, or to submit a complaint about a Solon Police Department employee or the Solon Police Department in general.

    It is the policy of the Solon Police Department to investigate all complaints against the Department or its employees. The Department must competently and professionally investigate all allegations of misfeasance, malfeasance, and nonfeasance by employees. The Department will also investigate complaints bearing on policy or the Department's response to community needs.

    These complaints will be directed to a supervisor who will contact you and attempt to investigate and/ or resolve the issue. You should receive an acknowledgement from an officer by the next business day. The supervisor will explain the complaint process. Complaints will be resolved as soon as possible, after gathering all of the facts.

    Anonymous complaints may be submitted through this form, however, it will limit the ability to fairly and accurately investigate most complaints or questions.

    If you wish to get immediate action regarding a compliment or complaint, you should contact the Solon Police Department at (440)248-1234 and ask to speak to the officer in charge.
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