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Banner Request Form

  1. City of Solon Banner Permit Application and Approval Form
    The City of Solon allows community groups and civic organizations access to hanging promotional banners from the train trestle overpass on Route 91 between Fire Station No. 2 and the Solon Center for the Arts.
  2. Requirements for banners are as follows:
    1) Size: Banners must adhere to specific size requirements of 17’ wide and 24” high.
  3. 2) Banners must have grommets installed on the top and bottom that are 51” apart.
  4. 3) All letters on banners must be 6” to 8” with no exceptions.
  5. 4) A banner permit (and sketch of any new banners) must be completed and submitted for approval AT LEAST one week prior to the scheduled date to display the banner. Approval should be obtained before any new banner is ordered.
  6. 5) After approval, banners should be delivered to the dispatch center of the Solon Service Department located at 6600 Cochran Road between the hours of 7:30 AM and 3:45 PM.
  7. 6) Banners must be PICKED UP at the Service Department WITHIN 3 DAYS of the time the banner is taken down. They cannot be stored at the service Department.
  8. 7) Only one banner per event. In the event there is space, a second banner may be added.
  9. 8) No banners will be displayed if the weather does not permit.
  10. 9) No banners will be displayed between November 1st and March 1st.
  11. 10) The City of Solon is not responsible for damage to any banner.
  12. Feel free to contact the Solon Service Department at 440-248-5834 at extension1970 with any questions you may have regarding banner permits.
  13. Date to Remove Banner
  14. Is this a new banner that the city has not hung before?*
    If Yes, please submit, in person, within 2 business days of Permit Request submission, a rendering of the banner for approval to Solon Service Department located at 6600 Cochran Road between the hours of 7:30 AM and 3:45 PM, or upload with form.
  15. File types JPG or PDF only, of rendering. Other file types will not be accepted.
  16. Submission
    You will be contacted with approval status of your request after submission and rendering have been received.
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